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Sheila's Natural Products - Its Love for Mel Burt!

Mel Burt from simply loves Sheila's Creams which are Vegan friendly, 100% British and offer a simply solution to skin issues like eczema, psoriasis and acne, skin feels smooth, hydrated and calmer another winning product is the Vegetarian friendly Lavendar Lip Balm with a calming scent it keeps lips hydrated and a great base for lipsticks especially those that have a drying effect. Check out her full review. All Sheila's products are Handmade in Britian using only the finest plant ingredients and where possible are Organic...

Snail Skincare - How does the magic happen?

Snail Secretion on your Face??? The serum I have been using has actually impressed me.  One Facebook friend thought I was joking when i first mentioned it and thought I maybe should talk about it on This Morning which actually isn't a bad idea because it is pretty good. Within the glam gold bottle is a thick, clear liquid that you use morning and night. Whilst is actually quite thick and may be snail like, it simply sinks into the skin leaving no residue that I often find with facial oils.. Read more from Natalie Trice on her blog

Head over heels in love with Ginvera Marvel Gel.

"The results of this gel were so much better than expected. This product more than lives up to the hype and I could not believe how smooth and soft my skin felt afterwards, without a trace of residue of product. After using this (and wiping with a basic wipe) my skin is baby soft and smooth and with the first weeks use my skin is noticeably more even and clearer from blemishes.  This has to be one of the best beauty products I have tried so far in terms of making my skin feel clean!" Says