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Bio-essence Snail Secretion Skincare

Bio-essence Snail Secretion Skincare

Asian skincare and ingredients that work to keep our skin in its best shape whatever the weather!

It’s all about the Snail with the Bio-essence Snail Friendly skincare range with active ingredients like allantoin, collagen proteins, vitamins, plus natural anti-bacteria properties to help repair and stimulate skin renewal to improve overall skin texture.

There are many many benefits to Snail Secretion don't be put off by this unique natural ingredient.

Let’s feel comfortable in our skin and protect the amazing barrier that protects us from harmful environmental nasties, pollution, harsh cold weather etc…..

Snail Skincare offers an effective boost to help skin keep its suppleness and elasticity.

The Snail Secretion Repair Mask

This ultimate skin boost face mask fits all face shapes to provide just the right amount of product without producing any excess.

This multi-tasking easy to use fruit fibre face mask has anti-inflammatory properties to relieve pimples, soothe skin plus has the ability to protect and repair.

It’s like a facial in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost!

Bio-Energy Snail Repair Serum

Intensely moisturising and nourishing to restore skins vitality working to repair pimple marks and reduce fine line and wrinkles and so much more…

Serum is a cleverly designed transport system to encourage ingredients deeper into our skin to get the most out the unique formula in the most effective way. Did you know that a serum is more effective than a cream due to the delivery method which means you are benefiting from so much more than your average cream can supply. Bio-essence has a hygienic dropper system to ensure a clean application.

Skin Repair Foamy Cleanser

Help to effectively remove dirt, impurities and make-up trapped in pores and remove excess oil with this luxurious foamy cleanser. Works to tighten pores, smooth skin and fade scars, marks for a more natural refined complexion without stripping skins natural moisture so there is no tight feeling after use.

 Bio-essence Snail Secretion Skincare is NOW available @ASOS


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