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Pep up your Skin and You!

Pep up your Skin and You!

Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water spray is a fine mist that is perfect for all over the body even for our hair!

Plus there is a bonus for the tiny important little people in our lives by relieving  super irritating nappy rash in babies.

Refresh your complexion!

Simply and instantly relieve tiredness with this spray, cool the eye area to combat eye strain. Feel refreshed and revived!

Infusing the skin with moisture, leaving it feeling balanced, softened and soothed the dermatologically tested formula provides optimal tolerance for hypersensitive skin.

Prolongs makeup as the skin is more hydrated therefore less oil will be produced resulting in make-up staying put! No sliding around!

Did you know Facial mists tend to contain minerals one of which is salt which can be a drying agent and not good for our skin as will tend to absorb any moisture. So top tip look out for one with a low salt content.

To find a spray with the lowest salt content like Bio-essence means it will not strip away any moisture from the skin but rather ensure that the full hydrating benefits are fully received for maximum benefit.

Rich in trace minerals to provide a natural treatment for all round skin care health.

Just some of the comments:

“after using it my face feels fresh and smooth”

“It also left a slightly dewy finish on my skin after I sprayed it over make up and I liked how healthy and radiant it left me looking J”

“I’ve always thought that all these facial mist in the market are just water, so no matter which brand I get. It wouldn’t make any difference right! But I was so wrong about this! Shocked of my life”

To sum up it is a multi-functional bottle of all over super goodness!


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