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Bio-essence Snail Secretion Skincare

Bio-essence Snail Secretion Skincare

Asian skincare and ingredients that work to keep our skin in its best shape whatever the weather! There are many many benefits to Snail Secretion don't be put off by this unique natural ingredient.

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Marvellous Marvelwhite ahead of the skincare game, find out why.....

Marvellous Marvelwhite ahead of the skincare game, find out why.....

So we finally have confirmation that the UK Government will ban all cosmetics and personal care products that contain Microbeads from 2018.

Great News! For our Skin and for the Environment

The manufacture of any products containing Microbeads will cease from 1st January with the sale of products containing Microbeads banned from June 30th.

We have long understood just how damaging (for our skin and the environment) these pesky Microbeads can be, in fact our Ginvera Marvelwhite is an Exfoliator that has NEVER contained anything Harsh or had additional beads or bits of crushed up shells basically anything that could potentially scratch and irritate the skin. Nope NO bits just a smooth gel!

For a long time Ginvera has been on the leader board of skincare especially with the Marvelwhite range, using nothing abrasive but just a unique combination of ingredients that pull together to create the perfect exfoliating product.

Amazingly it is a smooth gel that is applied using DRY fingers onto DRY face, rub in a circular motion and just see the magic happen, then rinse with water, could not be simplier! Gone in 30 seconds are any dry flakes, dead skin cells to reveal the fresh new skin underneath and best of all any consequent products used will just simply sink into the skin, therefore ensuring they go that little bit further.

We cannot ask for more!

Oh well yes we can, not only does Marvelwhite exfoliate it also has excellent antioxidant properties and shields skin from harmful UVB rays offering soothing relief for sensitive and irritated skin.

and there is more...

The added Swiss Cress Sprout ingredient helps to even out the skin tone and lighten dark spots and pigmentations

wow and there is more...

The prized Japanese Shiso Extract has marvellous anti-inflammatory benefits for soothing relief from redness and itchiness to help prevent the formation of Blackheads, Whiteheads and Pimples by inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

What a multi-tasking marvellous product Ginvera Marvelwhite is.

We just love it and hope you do too

Dont forget if you have any questions or queries just drop us an email to always happy to help.