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The make-up removing solution!

The make-up removing solution!

Let's take a closer look at the Bio-essence Jelly Make-Up Remover

What's it all about!

An affordable effective mild Hypoallergenic non greasy formula infused with Bio Water that easily dissolves make-up and impurities effortlessly, even waterproof mascara without stripping skin of its natural moisture to deeply moisturise for clean, hydrated and glowing skin.

So what makes it different?

Well there are a few qualities to talk about, firstly the unique jelly texture makes this product stand out from normal Oil and Aqua based make-up removers, due to the thicker jelly consistancy which prevents any product dripping causing wastage. So you can rest assured every drop is used to achieve optimum results.

Secondly it is Paraben, Colour and Fragrance FREE plus contains anti-irritant to make this product ideal for sensitive or irritable skin, suitable for use on the face, eyes and lips.

Thirdly the distinctive jelly texture which we have already mentioned above, glides over the skin forming a protective cushion against any friction between the hands and face to prevent any unnecessary tugging and pulling which can lead to wrinkles and skin damage.

Oh and one more thing the pump style bottle provides hygenic benefits.

Now what exactly is Bio-technology?

Bio-essence adapts unique bio-technology to combine Spring Water and the advanced Bio-Energy Fluid to produce Bio-Spring Water. Bio-Energy Fluid contains ample mineral and trace mineral elements to create energy to stimulate Blood and Oxygen circulation.

Ok so how do you use it?

Simply apply a sufficient amount using dry hands onto dry face and spread evenly by gently massaging using circular movements and then just rinse off with water - job done! So quick and easy and long lasting

So who is a fan?

Well the gorgeous Hayley Marie Sparkes TV Presenter (ITV - This Morning) and Make-Up Artist uses Bio-essence Jelly Make-up Remover daily and happily recommends to her clients. says "taking make-up off has never been so easy"

Exciting News! have now also discovered this unique effective product, watch out for it - will be online very soon.

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