Bio Essence Jelly Make-up Remover 200ml
Bio Essence

Bio Essence Jelly Make-up Remover 200ml

Mild, Effective, Soothing and Cooling

Taking off make up has never been so easy! 

A little goes a long way!

Its gentle its quick its simple its effective!

Thoroughly removes Makeup and deeply moisturises the skin

Miracle Bio Water Jelly Make Up remover is an ultra mild formula which soothes and moisturises the skin while removing Make Up. The unique Jelly texture cushions the skin against friction between hands and face to prevent wrinkles and skin sagging.

Soothing, moisturising and cooling, Bio Essence Jelly Make Up remover does not strip skin of it's natural moisture.

The smooth Jelly Texture glides over the skin protecting against any harsh cleansing motion for a gentle effective Make Up removing process

Simply rinse off with water easily leaving no sticky or oily residue. Non Greasy.

Paraben and colorant free.

Directions: Pump sufficient amount of Jelly Make Up remover onto hands. Apply to face and spread evenly. Gently massage using circular motion to dissolve make-up. Rise off thoroughly with water. Suitable for use on face, around eyes and lips.



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