Bio-Energy Snail Secretion Repair Serum 30g
Bio Essence

Bio-Energy Snail Secretion Repair Serum 30g


Power Healing for smooth & supple skin


Enhances absorption of nutrients and moisture to help rebuild skin’s ability to retain moisture

Replenishes collagen, makes skin more refined, smooth and radiant; also enhances skin’s vitality

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Enriched with many different vitamins to slow down aging of skin, for a newborn like skin

Repairs pimple scars and marks, keeping skin smooth and refined

Soothes skin and protects skin against harmful pollutants

Restores newborn skin texture, revealing a supple, refined and smooth complexion



Snail Secretion: Contains active ingredients such as allantoin, collagen proteins, vitamins, natural anti-bacteria peptides to help repair skin and stimulate skin renewal to improve skin texture.

Bio-Energy Fluid: Richly contains minerals, trace minerals to promote skin’s micro-circulation. Makes molecules so fine that the product’s nutrients and moisture can be fully absorbed into skin, making skin supple and youthful.

Tremella polysaccharides: White fungus’ essence extracted provides excellent hydrating effects which is few times better than well-known hydration ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

Oat glucan: Superior hydrating and moisturising effects. Improves skin’s defence system and vitality.

After cleansing, apply an adequate amount evenly onto the entire face. Gently pat and massage until fully absorbed. For better results, use together with Bio-Energy Snail Repair & Smooth Cream.