Exfoliating Gels

With no micro beads added, Ginvera Exfoliating Gels are gentle on your skin and kind to the environment. 

Classic Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel and New Marvelwhite Gel,with added Japanese Shiso plant extract.

What are people saying about Marvelwhite?


This product is amazing having spent a fortune on facials and skincare products which have only partially made a difference to my pores. I no longer have any Blackheads whatsoever this will remain permanently in my skincare routine.

Susan –46 –Worcester

My skin really has never felt smoother and looks and feels "Clean". It leaves it glowing without a shine or redness which I am glad about as I sometimes feel this isn't a benefit and I found the scent quite pleasant and not too strong.

Maureen –43 –Scotland

This gel is incredible! I suffer from spot scarring and this has really helped in getting rid of those scars. If I use it in the evening the next morning I wake up with soft skin and my makeup seems to go on easier and look better!

Emily –22 -Hertfordshire

Love, Love, Love this. It really is a Miracle Product. Highly recommended. My skin is so clean, smooth and fresh

Nik –50 –Nottinghamshire

I am hard to impress. This stuff impressed me so much I'm still reeling! I am usually a fan of abrasive facial scrubs because in the past I've equated that scrubby feeling with good exfoliation... the GinveraZero Blackhead Marvel Gel changed my mind completely. I was skepticalwhen reading the blurb. I thought that if it wasn't abrasive it couldn't possibly make my skin flake, as it claims. I was wrong (…) What sorcery is this? It was wonderful! I rinsed off with cool water and patted my face dry, and my skin felt silky, soft and looked glowing. I cannot recommend this product enough. Once my review sample runs out I'm going to stock up on it!

Kim –32 –Wales