SkinYoga Post Workout Neem Purifier 200g

SkinYoga Post Workout Neem Purifier 200g

Anti-Bacterial Body Wash

Neem leaves are the best answer to all skin problems. The bitterness of neem will help you get rid of bacteria and various skin allergies. Regular use will help you free from unwanted body odour. This anti-inflammatory and medicinal body wash can be used regularly for post exercise shower.

Helps in killing bacteria and germs.

100% Natural.

Vegan Friendly

Ingredients:åÊBarley Meal, Neem Leaves, Coconut Meal

What is it good for: After exercise, prevents spots as neem kills any bacteria and germs. åÊHigh antioxidant. Good for acne, can be used on the face. Regular use can help control body odour. Anti-Bacterial wash

Who would use it: Suitable for all ages, great for cleaning dirty kids!

How to use it: Fine and powdery NOT grainy. Daily Use. After routine shower, apply handful (size depends on individual) apply to wet skin and leave on for 2-3 mins. Rinse well

Notes: After exercise the pores are open and vulnerable. Using Neem leaves extract helps kill off bacteria to keep skin at its best. Normal shower gels and soap DO NOT kill bacteria.

Neem leaves in India are unique to India.