About Us

Thanks for stopping by. Meet the team, Jan, Nicole and me, Rob.

While out in Singapore, we discovered Ginvera Green Tea skincare. I tried the exfoliating Marvel Gel myself and it had that instant effect on me, the same effect it's now having on our customers in the UK. I thought WOW! That's amazing. I then looked at the other products in the Ginvera skincare range and thought wouldn't it be great if you could buy these in the UK. That's when we decided to set up Janiro ltd.

Our philosophy is so simple. We source products that do what they say. We ask nothing more. And because our products deliver on their promises, our customers love them.

And we love Green Tea! It's one of the most awesome ingredients we can use in Skincare.

The name Janiro? We looked forever for a company name, but so many were registered already. Then we thought  to combine James, Nicole and Rob, and there you have it Janiro. Now we have another son George, what are we to do! Keep watching, we might change the name again:)

We've had a roller coaster ride since we started the company. And we're only here because of our customers. Jan manages the UK business development and without her amazing customer service and dedication, we would never be able to bring you the skincare you want

Since we started with Ginvera Green Tea we have been on the look out for other great skincare ranges and we've found them! Check out our shop. It's growing

"Janiro Ltd have been an absolute pleasure to deal with - their customer service has been nothing short of exceptional and I’ve even had a few emails checking up on how I’m getting on, which is something I really value in a company. I really appreciate how nice this company is and how much they care about their products and their customers, it’s really refreshing to actually feel valued! Massive thumbs up to them" belleprovocateur.tumblr.com

Thank you for your continued support and all the great messages we receive.

Rob, Jan, Nicole



To become a stockist, please email us at info@janiro.co.uk 

or call us on 0203 005 4902

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