Jasz Vegas Killer Magic

Stunning Burlesque Magician Jasz Vegas to star in the brand new BBC series Killer Magic

British beauty Jasz Vegas has an impressive skill set and has brought to together burlesque and daring magic.  She is original, extremely dangerous and totally breathtaking.  This stylish entertainer stars in the hottest new magic show to hit the UK mainstream: Killer Magic.

Jasz Vegas performs a style of magic that is unlike any other performer on the scene. She combines it with her dazzling burlesque skills, has edge and brings a truly contemporary feel to the magic and burlesque scene.  Her magic can almost be a freak show and she goes further than any female magician has before. 

In Killer Magic, Vegas competes against four other of the top magicians in the country to create the most incredible magic and avoid having to perform a ‘Killer Trick,’ an illusion or stunt that has killed magicians in the past.

In this innovative and exciting new show Vegas shares airtime with 4 other male magicians, her charm and sometimes freaky tricks make her stand out from the crowd.  Does she perform killer tricks, stunts that many have sadly lost their lives doing?  All will be revealed when Jasz lights up our screens when Killer Magic airs on BBC3.


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