Marvel Gel Consumer Response


 Ginvera Marvel Gel 2014 Survey

We asked you what you thought of Ginvera Exfoliating Marvel Gel. 
The response was amazing.
Thank you to all our Ginvera fans!


 If you tried Ginvera Marvel Gel,
did you like it?

99.5% YES !

Marvel Gel works, it's effective.

99.5% YES !

Would you tell a friend about Marvel gel?

96% YES !

Makes my skin feel SO smooth, without harsh scrubbing. So wonderful
i'm just glad i discovered it. lots of products claim to get rid of blackheads - this is the only i've ever found in my entire life - that actually does what it says it'll do. it REALLY is marvel gel.
Excellent product, non-irritating
My skin always looks radiant after using it
It has to be felt & seen to really understand how well this product works; it has such a unique texture totally unlike anything else on the market right now.
this is the best cleanser i have used
My skin looks smoother after three uses
Fantastic product, it makes a big difference to my skin.
There is no better facial exfoliator anywhere. I bought the trial size for travel as I really would not use anything else. Best exfoliating product I've tried Fantastic product! The best exfoliation I've used! As someone who battles with adult acne I find this a great help!
t's brilliant so quick to use and you can see the effects immediately Its unique I can't believe how effective it is I use it to clear my blocked pores Great product. leaves skin feeling fresh, clean and soft
Amazing impact on stubborn blackheads on my chin within a week The most amazing product I have ever bought. Will never go back to anything else and have recommended it to everyone I know. Excellent It left my skin really smooth and glowing, loved it!
Tks for giving me the chance to try this amazing product¡¡¡¡¡ It's amazing, my skin has never felt so clean and fresh! I still have some left, fantastic same with the BB Cream! I think it is a fantastic product that really does do what it claims to do.
I am in love with the marvel gel and the cc cream. Keep up the good work! Just thank you! Wonderful product that I think I'll always repurchase... And I almost never say that! Only product that works! I really liked the smooth texture of the gel when applying
Really love it & notice the difference when i dont use Loved this product! Carry on doing what your going I think the marvel gel and be cream are fantastic
I was very impressed by this and would recommend it to anyone interested. My skin felt smooth and clean afterwards Just that I hope more people become aware of the Marvel Gel and from that discover more Ginvera products, because it's an essential to have in your beauty routine! Good quality product which I enjoy using. only that i will be buying it again when this one has run out
Makes my skin feel SO smooth, without harsh scrubbing. So wonderful Good product very effective. Best effoliator I have ever used and I have tried loads It's a great product! I love it and have recommended it to many friends
Keep making more amazin products Since trying ginvera products the first time I havent used anything other than the marvel gel to exfoliate and the bb cream to make my skin look beautiful. Just amazing Love the marvel gel, love the BBC cream even more! Haven't used foundation since I bought it and won't be going back.


Ginvera Exfoliating Marvel gel will change your skincare routine forever

Ginvera Marvel Gel

I think Ginvera Marvel Gel is fantastic & there is nothing that can compete with it.

I use retinol regularly & other exfoliators, in the past, have made my skin sting.

However, there are no such effects with Marvel Gel.

It keeps my skin softer than it has ever been & gives a lovely glow to it too.

There are not enough superlatives to describe it & I'm constantly trying to convert others to it.

Marvel gel is MARVELLOUS!!