What is Birds Nest Skincare?


Active Ingredients 

Bio-Bird’s Nest Extract: Penetrates deeply into skin layers to promote blood circulation and enhance skin cell renewal to restore skin’s radiance and elasticity 

Amino Acid Skin Whitening Complex: Releases keto acid and bio-energy which aid in skin renewal to give skin radiance 

Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence: Consists of various amino acids to promote skin cell metabolism and enhance skin cell growth 

Bio Energy Fluid: Contains ample mineral elements and trace mineral elements to create energy to stimulate blood & oxygen circulation 


Benefits of Birds Nest

Contains water soluble proteins, carbohydrates, mineral and trace mineral elements, amino acids and nutri-collagen 

Deeply nourishes skin, reduces dullness and restores luminosity 

Contains Epidermic Growth Factors which directly promotes cell division, regeneration and repair 

Skin becomes smoother, brighter and more elastic for a radiant and youthful complexion. 


Formulated with unique Bio Bird’s Nest Essence 

Extracted from top grade bird’s nest using exclusive biotechnology techniques 

Ultra fine molecules penetrate faster and deeper into skin layers and are better and faster absorbed by skin 

Skin becomes smoother, fairer and suppler 

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