SkinYoga Green Tea Face Mask 50g

SkinYoga Green Tea Face Mask 50g

Acne Control

Inspired from the ancient Japanese skincare regime, this green tea based, antioxidant rich face mask slows aging and wrinkles. This is a 100 percent natural acne control formula that removes toxins from your skin and gives you a more youthful appearance.åÊ Organic Green Tea works as a very effective sun guard and acne control agent. Rice flour acts as a natural whitening agent and adds glow to the skin.

Helps in controlling acne and for dark circles.

100% Natural Vegan Friendly

Ingredients:åÊRice, Oat meal, Organic Green Tea, Neem


What is it good for: Acne prone skin and for Anti-Aging, removes toxins from the skin

Skin Type: Acne skin and those with anti-Ageing concerns

How to use it: mix 1 å_ spoonful with hot water until you get a paste, get consistency right, smooth out any lumps. Apply thickly to cover skin leave on for 15-20mins until dry, wash off with warm water and splash face with cold water to finish.
Who would use it: All ages over 12 years. For Acne skin suitable for daily use. For Anti-Ageing use once a week. Great to use after exercise.
Notes: Leafy smell. Green Tea lifts the skin and pulls out any toxins on the surface level with no scrubbing. Rice Flour adds glow to the skin. Contains Neem leaves