SkinYoga Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask 50g

SkinYoga Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask 50g

The goodness of sandalwood will reverse the signs of aging and gradually remove wrinkles and dark spots. Saffron will improve skin texture and also naturally make skin lighter and more radiant. The anti-oxidants found in walnuts are essential to skin regeneration and elasticity. Walnuts also include chemicals that help boost circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells quickly.

Helps in Anti-aging, moisturising andåÊ hydration.

100% Natural

Vegan Friendly

Ingredients:åÊWalnut Meal, Sandalwood, Saffron

åÊWhat is it good for: Hydration, Moisturises, Age Spots, Dark Spots, Anti-Ageing ‰ÛÒ USE 1-2 times a week, perfect before a big night out.

Skin Type: ALLåÊskin typesåÊbut not recommendedåÊfor Acne prone skin (skin already oily and the hydration boosting ingredients will NOT help acne)

Who would use it: suitable for anyone over 15years - age group 35 and above

How to use: Can be used Day or Night - Ideally leave on for 10-15mins but if in rush 2-3mins would be sufficient. Use 1 å_ spoonful of product add hot/warm water until you get a creamy texture (do not over dilute). Mixture will turn white, this is due to the Walnut ingredient.

Apply as a THICK mask (think enough to cover skin) using upward motions ‰ÛÒ rinse with warm water after desired time and splash face with cold water to finish.

Result: Instant Results - Skin glows.

No need to use a moisturiser afterwards, contains 100% natural coconut oil. WalnutåÊ contains anti-oxidants essential for skin regeneration, plus boosts circulation by bringing oxygen and nutrients to skin cells.